Make a fabulous first impression – Hallway Makeovers


When it comes to the entrance of your new home, you want to make a fabulous first impression. And with a new-build, which comes finished in very neutral décor and style, it’s even easier to complete hallway makeovers and transform this space. Here are some ideas for transforming your hallway…

Go green with plants
If your hallway allows some space for a cabinet, or even shelving, then these will make the perfect platform for plants. Even better if your hallway is quite bright, with enough light coming in for plants to thrive. The welcome sight of greenery as you walk into your home can be welcoming and uplifting. The addition of larger, taller floor plants could work very well in the hallway, bringing extra dimension to the space.
Even before you get to the front door, you can make use of your porch or doorstep to add some pots with seasonal blooms. The splash of colour against the timber, paint, or brick effect of your home, will stand out and make a stunning visual impact.

Lay a new floor
It might not be something you do immediately, purely due to the cost of doing it. But if you do look to give your hallway a makeover a few years after moving into your new-build home, then revamping your floor can make a massive difference. After all, the floor is they very first thing you see when you walk through the front door.
There are so many wonderful options available for hallway floors, depending on the look you want to go for, and your budget. Parquet floors in a herringbone pattern work very well in a hallway, which you can have done in either LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or in an engineered wood. For traditional planks, you can opt for an engineered wood floor which will cost you a little more, or a laminate.
Patterns are very on-trend, including those reminiscent of older, Victorian properties. You can get these patterns now in LVT flooring, so the look of a stone floor, in a more durable, warmer, easier to maintain vinyl floor.
Whichever style of floor you do choose, remember to go for something that is hard wearing enough for your living situation. If you have pets and small children, you might want something a little more robust.

Welcome with a rug
If a whole new floor is too costly for you but you want to do something to brighten your hallway flooring, then why not invest in a good quality rug. This is a great way to add some warmth, or even bring a bit of colour, or a pattern into your hall.
Some flooring companies offer a ‘whipping’ service, where you can have a rug made from some carpet offcuts for a little extra cost. It could be an option if you have just purchased new carpet for your stairs or another room, to have a rug made from the same carpet for your hallway.

Go for a bespoke cloak area
It doesn’t take long for a hallway to become overcrowded with coats, shoes, hats, and other outdoor necessaries. If you don’t have a separate cloakroom in your new home, then look to buy some furniture to enable you to better organise these items in your hallway. From coat rack solutions to boot racks and stands, hallway furniture is gaining popularity and is more readily available. You can even look to get some bespoke cloakroom furniture made, especially if you have an awkward area, or space is at a premium.
The other benefit of boot lockers is they often come with the addition of a bench or small seat. These are ideal for for sitting on, to put on or remove shoes more easily.

Greet with pictures
There’s no better way to greet people into your home, then with the addition of pictures, be they photographs, prints, or pieces of art. For an instant hallway makeover, use your walls to tell your story. It could be uplifting or positive messages, or a collection of your favourite family snaps printed on canvas. Why not look to collect some pictures of your town or village, of local scenes or landmarks. These will work really well in your hallway and will get visitors talking and looking at them with interest.

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