Move into your new-build home before Christmas

What do you do if you are due to move into your new-build home before Christmas? With so much to prepare with Christmas itself – how will you be able to organise a smooth move and get all the necessaries completed? We share some tips on moving over the festive period and what to prioritise when it comes to moving into your new-build before Christmas.

Snagging is a priority for a December completion date

If you received a December completion date for your new-build home back in September or October, you no doubt panicked. December means one thing for most of us – Christmas time. And it also means a period when many companies close for the festive period.

When you move into a new-build home in December, there are a few things you need to check.

But one the most important things you should do, is speak with your housebuilder about snagging. What will be the best way to deal with any snagging issues over the festive period? Will they give you some more time to get your snagging list together in lieu of any office Christmas closures? You also need to agree how any potential emergencies relating to the build will be dealt with, should they arise, when the office is closed, and the builders are on annual leave.

Don’t leave snagging until the New Year

Don’t delay checking your property for snags. We’re not saying there will be, but there could be a few more niggling issues with a property completed in December simply due to rushing construction completion. With Christmas approaching, the need for housebuilders to get projects finished and over the line could see small things missed and mistakes made, unintentionally of course.

For this reason, it’s imperative you make snagging a priority. Although you have moving in to contend with and Christmas to prepare for, leaving your property inspection can lead to hefty costs further down the line. Bear in mind that any snags found outside the warranty period are unlikely to be rectified for free by the housebuilder. So, get your list of snags together as quickly as you can and then relax and enjoy the Christmas period.    

Will you be one of the first homes finished on the development?
After snagging, probably the next most important consideration is whether you will be one of the first homes completed on the development? If you are, it will be very quiet around you when you move in, especially over the Christmas period. So, think security.

Your new-build home will be much more secure than an older property, with the necessary window locks and British Standard 5 lever locks to the main doors. However, it pays to take some extra security steps.

Once the construction workers break for Christmas, there’ll be less activity around your home. During the day, be vigilant of anyone coming and going on the development. If there are other people moving in, even if it’s a few houses away, it could be worthwhile to introduce yourself, so you become familiar with each other.

Have curtains ready for your windows so you can close them when it gets dark, keeping any valuables from view. And give the property a once over before everyone closes for Christmas. Check to make sure you have adequate outdoor lighting as this can make a big difference. You might need to source lighting solutions for the side and rear of the property, or near any garages.

It is something worth discussing with your developer, if you are going to be one of the first on a development over Christmas. Do they have any security measures in place while they’re closed at Christmas?

Who’s helping you move in?
If you have a December completion date and are looking to use removal services to help you move, secure their availability as soon as you can. The closer your completion date is to Christmas, the harder it might be to secure the help you need.

And likewise for any other services you hope to use – do a checklist of who is open and when over the festive period, offering services.

Otherwise, speak with your friends and family. Who will be off work either before or over the Christmas period and can lend a hand for a day or an afternoon?

And make sure you pack your Christmas decorations in a separate box, clearly labelled, all together. Even your wrapping paper and gift tags. If you have them loaded into a room on their own, they will be easy to find. That way you can get decorating and present wrapping with minimal stress or fuss.

Change of address
One good way to spread the word to friends and family (and Santa!) of your new address, is to make note of it in your Christmas cards. Plus, you’ll hopefully get some of your own post arriving.

But before anything drops through your letter box, you will need to register and activate your postcode with the Royal Mail. If you have any issues doing this, you might need support from your housebuilder’s team. Aim to get your address working before the Christmas break while people are still around to assist.  

Don’t stress over Christmas
You’ll have a lot on your plate organising everything to do with your move, so don’t stress if your decorations aren’t as plentiful as usual. Prioritise the key rooms you will be spending time in. If you have children, maybe let them add some decorations to their own rooms to get into the festive spirit.

Although you will be moving into a wonderful new home and you will want to show it off, don’t overburden yourself with too many visitors. Use some of the quiet time to unpack and get settled and do that snagging. But make sure to take some time to enjoy the big day with everyone around you, even if it is a little more scaled back compared to usual.

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