Investment Opportunities with New Builds

Where there’s major regeneration, there’s always investment interest. Whether that’s from property developers, buyers, or landlords, these groups are always looking for the next lucrative area in which to buy investment property.

A personal investment
For some people, their decision to buy a new-build home stretches beyond all the other benefits new homes offer. Yes, everything is brand new, they’re more economical to run, and you can get deals when buying one, but there are also the long-term investment benefits to be had. Take for example the location. Location can drive property prices, and in the case of new developments which are close to major cities or other sought-after locations, there’s scope for making a good return on your investment in years down the line. Even more so as these developments become established in their local communities. There’s no harm thinking ahead even if you’re buying for the now.

Why landlords like new builds
New build homes are getting better all the time as the quality of construction improves, and that’s welcome news for landlords. With everything being new from the start, there is less need for repairs and maintenance, compared to older properties. And if there’s any concern over building related issues on completion, the warranties that come with the new properties bring peace of mind.
Housing stock is always in demand for rental purposes, so the addition of new homes within a town or village is always a positive for anyone looking for their first, or next investment property. And when a new home comes on the market to rent, it will often have greater appeal with tenants for several reasons. Firstly, neW homes are cheaper and greener to live in and run, they’re often close to transport networks for commuting, and overall, the properties are less problematic than older ones.

Where’s best to invest
While London and its surrounding areas will always be popular, the North West region has been stamping its mark in terms of somewhere people want to live. The Northern Powerhouse has helped this, with many businesses moving offices to more northerly cities to save on the expensive overheads of London. As businesses have relocated, so have many people too, selling their London property for something far bigger with a much more reasonable price tag in the Manchester, Leeds, or Birmingham regions. The increased investment and regeneration of these cities, and others in the North have helped boost property demand, including buy-to-let investments, outside of London.
That said, research of any region is always key before committing to buy any property, as much as a new build. You need to be sure the area, the development, and the costs all work, to see your investment is a success.

What new homes are available in your local region, or in a region you hope to invest in? Start your search for a new build investment property here.
We list the homes on new developments from both the leading national and local housebuilders, so you can find the right investment opportunity for you.

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