The Best Improvements to add value to your New Build Home

What are the best improvements you can do to add value to your new-build home? It might not be a priority when you first move in, but a few years down the line, you may want to harness the investment potential of the new home you bought. From changes to additions, from the inside of the property to the outside, we look at the home improvements which can add value to a new build.

Why property value is different with new-builds

Before we start, it’s important to note that new-build homes don’t follow the same pattern as established properties when it comes to value. For starters, when you compare the price of new-build homes with established properties, new-builds are considerably more expensive. The reason for this is that everything is brand new and there’s no need to factor in costs for remediations or repairs. The downside is though, from the minute you move into your new-build home, it starts to lose value. Much like when you buy a brand new car and drive it off the garage forecourt, a new-build’s value does depreciate to begin with.
It's for this reason that it doesn’t make sense to fork out for value-adding improvements immediately. Besides, you would have already spent a lot of money up to the point of buying your new-build home, on the deposit, the moving costs, and more. The best time to make improvements to add value to your new-build home is a few years down the line. And although that’s not now, it doesn't mean you can’t start thinking about the improvements you will make.

Green technology
More and more new-build homes are being built complete with some form of carbon cutting, green solutions, be they solar panels, EV charging points, or air source heat pumps. And this will only improve as initiatives such as The Future Homes Standard kick in. But, depending on the type and style of your new-build and when you bought it, you might have missed out on green technology extras. We all know how much more energy efficient and better for the planet new-build homes are, but green solutions simply make their efficiency even greater.
So, a good starting point if you want to add value to your new-build and you are lacking green technology, is to consider solar panels or a charging point for an electric vehicle, even sustainable means to harvest rainwater. Climate-friendly solutions will appeal to buyers when the time comes to sell.

Engineered wood flooring
A good quality wood floor will add vale to your new-build home. After a few years of appreciating and living with the new carpets or flooring you bought the house with, the most value-adding change would be a switch to engineered wood. And think about a wood floor in a herringbone pattern, these are even more sought after by homebuyers. Engineered wood floors today come in a great variety of colours from modern grey tones to lighter Scandi style woods, to dark woods with a traditional, classic feel.

The beauty of engineered wood floors is they look fantastic and can last a lifetime, hence they add value. And as good as they look, being made of three layers of wood, engineered wood floors are very stable and durable. This makes them easier to look after and clean compared to solid wood floor options.

Add wood details
One of the big interior trends of the last year or so is the addition of wood detailing to a room or space. Wood panelling is one such feature which has grown in popularity and can even be installed by yourself, at not too much cost. Adding wood panels to an entrance hallway, lounge or bedroom can transform these spaces, giving them a very elegant, ‘period’ look and feel. Plus, it’s a great way to create an ’accent’ wall in a room, bringing some rich, bright colours in. If there is one design idea you should consider if you want to add value to your new-build home, it is the inclusion of wood panelling.

Staircase renovation
Another growing trend in home improvements in recent years has been staircase renovations or transformations. This can involve a complete overhaul of your staircase for better aesthetic appeal, swapping traditional wooden spindles for chrome and glass balustrades, for example. But on a more practical level, the redesigning of underneath the stairs can help to deliver the most value. Under stair renovations include everything from installing pull-out drawers, to an under stairs shoe rack, even an under stairs wine rack! A lot of companies are offering creative solutions to help homeowners get more from the space beneath their stairs, and extra space for storage is a factor which always helps to add value to a property.

Garden buildings

If we look at another very popular home trend which accelerated significantly during and after Covid, we arrive at the garden and more importantly, garden buildings. Whether it is the addition of a shed or other outdoor building, or the conversion of a shed or garage to create extra living space, garden buildings can add value to your new-build home. People are using these garden buildings for everything from extra home-working office space to a bar and games room, even a chill out or play area for the family to enjoy.
Most new-build properties come with a shed and often space in the gardens is modest. However, the lack of mature plants, and the blank canvas of the gardens, makes them easier for visualising and including new garden buildings. When it comes to any property, any extra storage or living space you can create will more often than not add value, so looking at garden buildings can be a sound investment.

Realise your garden’s potential
As we have just mentioned, new-build homes will be finished with the most basic of garden layouts. In most cases, you can expect a lawn with borders, a small, paved patio and perhaps a path. But what you do with your garden once you move into your new-build home can make a different to your property’s value. Homebuyers are keen to see how they can extend indoor living to the outside for the summer months, so the installation of a decked area, or a pergola can add value.

Areas for growing fruits and vegetables are very popular with homebuyers – if you can get started in creating a small vegetable patch, or growing some raspberries or strawberries, buyers will see the value the garden can bring. The plants you choose matter too; the more you tend to and nurture high-quality plants within your garden, the bigger and better they will grow and the more value you will be adding to your new-build home overall.

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