Security for your New-Build Home

You’ve bought your dream home and all you need to do now is get settled. While it might not be top of your agenda when you first move in, you should spend time thinking about the security for your new-build home. We look at some of the simple steps you can take, and share tips for keeping your new home secure. Read more…

Why security matters
There are several reasons why security is important to consider when you buy a new-build home.
First of all, it’s a new development with most of the time, lots of homes being built, which can sometimes attract the wrong attention. But also, if you are one of the first buyers on a new development, you might feel a little more vulnerable as there are fewer other residents around you. While by day it will be busy with construction workers, which can be a deterrent – at night there might still be areas which are wide open and not so well lit, for example.
Nobody is saying you need to rush out and get a full alarm system or install high-specification CCTV, but there are things you can do to help keep your home safe and secure.

Lighting is key
We mentioned it above, especially if you are in one of the first few houses to be built on a development: lighting. It can make a huge difference, the amount and type of lighting you have around your property. Most new home developers deliver homes complete with some form of outdoor lighting to the front of the house, usually by the front door. You might want to make sure there is additional lighting near any garages, side entrances, or around the back garden.
The more lighting you have, including security lighting, the more you will deter any unwelcome visitors.

Keep valuables from view
When it comes to dressing your home, curtains or blinds for the downstairs should be one of the first pieces of furnishings you buy. They make a big difference come the dark evenings, when you can close the inside of your home from view. This is particularly advisable if your house is on an unfinished development, and your home feels a little more exposed.
It’s always important to keep any valuables from view, at any time of the day, regardless of where you live and the type of home you have. Make sure to put laptops, car keys, or anything of value hidden from immediate view through a window, or away from doors.

Lock windows and doors
From a security perspective, one of the advantages of buying a new-build home is the spec of the windows and doors. They are much better quality and far more secure than those on older homes. Today’s new homes see window locks as standard, and main doors coming with British Standard 5 lever locks.
But leaving windows open and doors unlocked are things to be careful of. It might be tempting on warmer days to leave windows open for fresh air, even when you go out. To ensure the very best home security, you should always shut windows when you are not in the property. And if you are in the garden, you should make sure your front door is locked. If you haven’t yet invested in good lighting around the side or back of the new property, then keeping doors locked and windows shut is even more pertinent.

Meet your neighbours
As soon as you can, or as and when others move in, make a point of meeting and getting to know your neighbours. By coming together and establishing who lives where and being familiar with faces, will help you all keep an eye on who is coming and going. You might also be able to find out who is home most of the day, or when people are at work. From there you can start to build a community as well as look out for each other’s homes.
Many people start a community group on WhatsApp these days, to keep tabs on security matters as much as other neighbourly things. It’s always good when you go away, to have a neighbour help you out. That can be to move post from the front door, or even park a car on your driveway to make it look like you are home.

Install security measures
It might not be top of your list once you have bought a new build home, but security is an important element to consider. Again, you should assess the stage of the development in terms of how remote it is, how many homes are completed around you, who has already moved in, and what the area is like in general for any criminal activity.
Always the best way to put off any unwanted visitors to your home is through installing alarms, or some kind of camera equipment. This shows clearly your home has these added protections which will make any intrusion that little more difficult. Outdoor lighting is a big factor in putting burglars off, so it pays to get these installed and working once you move in.

Discuss security with your developer
We very much recommend having a chat with your developer about home security. Firstly, to put your mind at ease with regards to the security on the site as they continue the construction of the remaining homes. But also, considering the property you are buying. Some developers can help to install the technology or at least the infrastructure you need to kick-start keeping your new home secure. Take developers Redrow for example, who have options to install security cameras, CCTV, and security alarms for new homes on their developments. Others do similar, so it’s definitely worth asking about security for your new-build home.

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